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 Aura - Lucario

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PostSubject: Aura - Lucario   Aura - Lucario Icon_minitimeSat Mar 08, 2008 3:30 am

Name of Partner: Aura - The protector of the "World"


Aura - Lucario CharAura

Race/Species: Data. But few mistake Aura for a ghost.

Relation with yourself: Guardian

All Skills of Partner:

Skill Nr. 1 = Moonlight. Aura summons a large Moonlight. Lucario and Aura will then gain the Moonlight effect. It means that Aura and Lucario heal 3 HP per post. The Moonlight effect only lasts 5 posts.

Skill Nr. 2 = Sunshine. Aura summons a large Sunshine. The enemy or enemies will then gain the Sunshine effect. It means that the enemy loses 3 HP per post. The Sunshine effect only lasts 5 posts.

Skill Nr. 3 = Apocalypse's Rain. Aura lets the power from the Apocalypse Rain. Damages everyone except Lucario and herself. 2 Dice Rolls.

Skill Nr. 4 = Data Copy. Aura copies the enemies last attack and does the same amount of dice rolls if the enemy's attack has something to do with dice rolls.

Skill Nr. 5 = Heart Plant. Aura plants a bomb inside the enemy's heart. After 3 rounds the enemy will recieve damage from 3 Dice Rolls.

Skill Nr. 6 = Open Heart. Aura shoots a beam from her heart. It deals damage from 2 dice rolls and absorbs 4 HP for Lucario and 4 HP for Aura herself.

Skill Nr. 7 = Skill Copy. Aura copies a skill that the enemy has and uses it at the enemy. More like "Time to give it the taste of its own medicine!"

Skill Nr. 8 = Beam Capsules. Aura creates 5 Capsules around her. One Capsule shoots one beam in the first post. The the capsule who shot will dissappear then comes the next one in the next post and so on until there aren't any capsules anymore. 1 Dice Roll for one Capsule.

Skill Nr. 9 = Double Damage. The damage amount Aura recieves will be halved and the other half will damage the enemy.

Skill Nr. 10 = Final Smash = Aura Meteor Storm. Aura flies gentely into the sky and sends Meteors made of Aura to the enemy. 4 Dice Rolls, says so in the rules.

Vehicles: None

Forms: (ONLY 4 FORMS!!)

Form Nr. 1 = Moon. When in form, the Moonlight effect will heal 5 HP per post instead of 3 HP.

Form Nr. 2 = Sun. When in form, the Sunshine effect will damage 5 HP per post to the enemy(s) instead of 3 HP.

Form Nr. 3 = Star. When in form, every attack does 1 Dice more except the Final Smash. When deactivating the form, Aura heals 3 HP to herself and 3 HP to Lucario.

Form Nr. 4 = Cosmic. When in form, Aura adds 5 Damage to every Aura's and Lucario's attack.

History: Aura is Lucario's guardian. As Lucario was a Riolu, Aura was more like Riolu's mother. But at the day where Riolu evolved into Lucario, Aura noticed that Lucario doesn't need him anymore. But she was wrong. Lucario still needed her. (Like in the Final Smash - Aura Fuse) Aura was glad that Lucario still needed her. Aura was the protector of a world called: The "World". But there was someone else who wanted to protect the "World", the name from the data who wanted to protect the "World" was called Kite. Currently he protects the "World" now while Aura is protecting Lucario.

~3rd Admin
~Final Smash Trainer
~Time Travel Master
~Aura Master

By sensing the powers of the Aura...
and form a girl named Aura...
she and it will unite and be...
the power within...
I, Lucario, will...
have... this power!
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Aura - Lucario
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