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 Aura Fuse - Lucario

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PostSubject: Aura Fuse - Lucario   Fri Mar 07, 2008 4:30 pm


Name: Aura Fuse

Effect: Lucario shoots a ball of Aura into the air then the girl named Aura will get hit from the ball. Then she will fuse herself with the Aura Lucario shot and Aura releases a gigantic explosion that doesn't hamr herself and Lucario.

Teacher: I'm a teacher myself o_O

History: Lucario's 1st Final Smash. Once he took a stroll to train in the Spear Pillar. But couldn't find much pokémon. Until Dialga and Palkia came out of nowhere and randomly attacked Lucario. Lucario had a problem and didn't wanted the battle to be very hard. Suddenly Aura's voice popped in Lucario's mind. It said: "You must fuse your Aura with mine... You must..." Lucario didn't really knew what to do but he knew that Aura is always over him. So he shot a ball of Aura into the air and suddenly a huge explosion came from above Lucario. Gladly Aura and Lucario weren't harmed. But Dialga and Palkia disappeared... mysteriusly... and I mean veeeery mysteriusly...

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By sensing the powers of the Aura...
and form a girl named Aura...
she and it will unite and be...
the power within...
I, Lucario, will...
have... this power!
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PostSubject: Re: Aura Fuse - Lucario   Fri Mar 07, 2008 9:08 pm


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Aura Fuse - Lucario
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