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 Bob's Aipom

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PostSubject: Bob's Aipom   Sat Feb 23, 2008 7:47 pm

Name of Weapon: Bob's Aipom

Type of Weapon: Normal Pokemon


History: When Bob was a little kid he was exploring some woods near his house. While he was walking through the woods he tripped and bumped into a tree, causing a Beedrill who lived in the tree to fall out. The Beedril was very angry at Bob so it attacked him. Then Aipom saw Bob getting attacked so she fought the Beedrill off. And ever since then Aipom and Bob have been lifelong friends. When Bob started his Pokemon journey Aipom was more than happy to come along with him, helping him through gym battles, trainer fights, and even the Johto league where she fought against Steve's Croagunk. Which ended in a draw. Aipom has been shown to be very caring and considerate of others. Aipom is exceptionally powerful for an Aipom. Bob's Aipom has fought two legendary Pokemon: The first being a Suicune -this was at the beggining of Bob's journey so Aipom was still low in experience and lost- and the second being Regigigas -Aipom fought very hard against it and in the end Aipom managed to have Bob and herself escape from it-.
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PostSubject: Re: Bob's Aipom   Sun Feb 24, 2008 12:48 pm

approved, nice looong history

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Bob's Aipom
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