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 Jet the Hawk

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PostSubject: Jet the Hawk   Jet the Hawk Icon_minitimeTue Jan 29, 2008 6:27 pm

Name: Jet
Nicknames: "The Legendary Wind Master"
Race: Hawk
(Speculation: If you choose to get technical, Jet is probably a Goshawk since the animal has an eye-lining pattern around the eyes along with a bit of a ruff on the top of the head that resembles Jet's appearance.)

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Date of birth: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown
Height:100 cm
Weight: 33 kg
Physical techniques: N/A
Abilities and aptitude:
(1). Can be very fast and agile when need be.
(2). *Since he is a bird, he most likely has the ability to fly. (This is a tentative statistic, but common sense would dictate that Jet can fly, especially since a Hawk is a bird of prey, which are birds renowned for their enormous altitudes and dynamic and super fast flying skills. Also, consider Jet's quote, "You see, to be the fastest on a Gear, you have to become one with the wind! Without wings, well, you might as well kiss the ground and go home!" I don't imagine he is metaphorically talking about gears, since that would mean Sonic & co. technically have wings since they're using gears. So in the end, he is basically saying he has wings. He may have the Foghorn Leghorn thing going where his arms are his wings but the feathers are contoured down.)
Hobbies and talents:
(1). Expert Extreme Gear airboarder.
(2). Also proficient in other types of Extreme Gear including hoverskates and airbikes.
(3). Seasoned thief and talented with sleight of hand.
(4). Advanced piloting skills.
(1). WAY too cocky for his own good.
(2). A bit lazy at times, despite his position.
Physical Appearance:
- Emerald green feathered body with flame-shaped highlights of a darker emerald shade on his arms
- Jagged, golden yellow beak with two nostril pits
- Cobalt eyes and red and black bordering at the edges
- 5 contoured spikes of feathers sticking out from his head with two thick tufts under the back his head, each tipped in a darker shade of emerald
- Excessively tufted, triangular patch of white, fluffy down feathers on his chest
- Several long feathers tipped in a darker shade of emerald serve as a tail
- A pair of white gloves with red and black accented, sock-like cuffs fastened with a dark gray metal hoop
- A pair of red boots with white accents and complex black designs, durable gray soles and white collars notched in the center that probably serve the purpose of socks
- A pair of thick-lensed, white goggles with high contrast yellow lenses and gray segmented strapping for when airboarding
Items & weapons:
(1). A mysterious hologram-like blue cube that is said to have been passed down from the Ancient Babylonians
(1). A green and yellow Type J speed-based Extreme Gear airboard for high speed airboarding, constructed by Wave the Swallow
Personality details: Jet the Hawk, also known as the Legendary Wind Master may be renowned for his Extreme Gear skills, but to his two close comrades, he's also known for his laziness and snide sense of humor. Jet, for the most part, is pretty laid back and doesn't in any way, shape, or form, display the responsibility that his duty as leader of the Babylon Rogues requires. His laziness, for the most part, is triggered from a mixture of carelessness and arrogance. Jet is well aware of his skills with Extreme Gear, and he has no problem showing it. In spite of all of that, however, he knows when to assert his authority as leader, though, it takes some incentive to get this strict side to come out of its shell as oppose to his typical rude but fun-loving conduct. For this hawk, pride is also on the high. He's not one to accept loss of anything, but if he comes to face it, he'll proudly accept it and work to overcome it. And under no circumstance should seek the pity of others: he considers that a prime insult.
Historical biography:
Ages ago, the Babylonians flourished as a race with great technological advancements upon the floating land known as the Babylon Garden. However, the race consisted primarily of highly talented thieves and robbers known across legend and history as the Babylon Rogues. And according to legend, the Babylonian race, most of which consisted of birds, were then banished by the gods for their crimes and scattered for all time and the legendary Babylon Garden was cast deep down into the Earth's murky depths. The legend claims that the vast treasure of the Babylon Rogues still exists on the island…

Jet the Hawk, after being given a mysterious cube said to have been passed down from this ancient race of peoples, is determined to find the lost treasure of his ancestors. Him and his two thief comrades, Wave and Storm, are the current generation of Babylon Rogues scattered through time. For a long time now, he has weathered much patience and much senseless banter between his two cohorts to achieve this goal.

But Jet's past, like any Sonic character, is a case where your guess would be as good as mine. It is known that his position as leader of the Babylon Rogues along with the mysterious cube was passed down from his father. Although, his life as a criminal is concealed, Jet's skill with Extreme Gear is renowned worldwide. It was this skill that would trigger a chain of events leading to his ultimate goal, as Dr. Robotnik, to "satisfy the boredom of Sonic and friends," started what he called the EX World Grand Prix. This race was to determine who is the most talented with Extreme Gear. While that kept Sonic and the gang occupied, Eggman instead went to Jet and the Babylon Rogues with a secret to tell them. It happens that a Chaos Emerald is the entry fee for the EX World Grand Prix and Jet had one that he stole recently. Sonic and company, of course, had some emeralds too. Needless to say, the sum of competitors eventually resulted in a full 7 Chaos Emerald collection.

The 7 Chaos Emeralds were up for grabs at this point, since the winner of the Grand Prix takes the whole pot. Eggman's secret? The 7 Chaos Emeralds were what was required, along with Jet's mysterious cube, to resurrect the Babylon Garden and thus nip that treasure in the bud! Besides beating the crap out of Sonic with his mad skillz, the EX World Grand Prix wasn't of Jet's concern, however, until the very last race. But near the middle of the Grand Prix, Jet began to grow suspicious of Eggman's true intentions. So, after sending Storm off on a mission to find out what Eggman was really up to, his cohort would soon return with dreadful results. Apparently Eggman also got Jet and company into believing that the lost treasure was merely a gem of apparently large proportions, when in actuality, the treasure is the special and highly advanced technology of the ancient Babylonians.

Disappointed in himself and unconcerned with meager advanced technology, Jet decided it was high-time to leave this petty race and go back to stealing, as per usual. But that is until Wave convinced him that if Eggman is so hot on the heels of this advanced technology, it must have profit. A now determined Jet set out to beat the EX World Grand Prix and get those 7 Chaos Emeralds to resurrect the land from whence his race dwelled and get that treasure. Unfortunately for Jet, he was on the brink of losing to Sonic before an explosive device implanted on Sonic's Extreme Gear airboard went off and cost ole' true blue the race, resulting in Jet's victory.

After obtaining the Chaos Emeralds, Jet would channel their power into the ancient key of cubic proportions and thus would a tremor be followed by the ascension of the proud Babylon Garden. Awestruck by the beautiful landmass, Jet wouldn't even notice that the key was just snatched by Dr. Robotnik until Eggman, as usual, stupidly boasts his accomplishment and flies off to the steal the treasure for himself. Let the chase commence! Jet and Sonic soon go off to teach that scientist a lesson, both with different intentions. Naturally, Sonic had the heroic state of mind while Jet wanted the treasure for himself, so needless to say, he told that pesky hedgehog to get out of his way.

After much struggle in the form of a battle against an ancient Babylonian genie, Jet, Wave, Storm, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy would find themselves standing before a treasure chest in the middle of a seemingly endless abyss. As they opened the chest, they would be confronted by Eggman who resorted to a rather hostile threat (of shooting them with blasters) were they not to surrender the treasure. Gladly, Jet tossed the treasure over to Eggman, and he would thus realize it is no more than… a magic carpet. Angered that he went through all that trouble for a mere rug, he would collapse in shock and drop the piece of cloth. After further inspection, Tails and Wave came to the conclusion that it could possibly be an ancient prototype of today's hi-tech Extreme Gear hoverboards, developed by the ancient Babylonians to ensure safe and most of all, convenient travel and flight. Apparently Jet and his cohorts are somewhat descended from genies, something they all thought was but pure fiction.

Soon after, gazing out into the now reborn Babylon Garden, Jet says his final goodbye in a rather inhospitable manner to Sonic, saying that the next time they meet, he better be ready. And off the Babylon Rogues went back to their life of common thievery… for now, clearly.

Personal information:

Greatest friend(s): Wave the Swallow and Storm the Albatross.

Other friend(s): Unknown.

Rival(s): Sonic the Hedgehog.

Enemy(s): Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik

Likes: Lounging, sleeping, money, daydreaming about being rich, stealing, airboarding or pretty much any kind of activity that requires extreme stamina and skill: that's when Jet gets competitive.

Dislikes: Having to assert his duty as leader of the Babylon Rogues or any form of major responsibility, losing or being one-upped — especially with Extreme Gear, being pitied by others, having a rival and gets very peeved quite often at the constant arguments between Wave and Storm.

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Jet the Hawk
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